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I know there would have been a major melt down if any of those 3 wires were hooked directly together! The internal wires attached to the motor in the weatherhead, T1 and T2, were supposedly attached to L1. The other internal set of wires attached to the motor in the weatherhead, T10 and T12 were also supposedly attached to L2. I’m trying to find out what the motor reaction would have been if the internal wiring leads T1 and T2 had been hooked up as I was told they were.

Sep 23,  · In my opinion Wye-delta starting is a old school way to reduce voltage starting and reducing heat in the motor. The Variable Frequency Drive is much more capable of starting the motor without inducing heat in the motor windings.

Customer Questions and Answers I have inserted the handle and now I’m unable to remove it. How do you remove the handle once it is in Asked by: Grandad Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately the information for the removal of the handle is not provided. Thank you again Jazmin Drive. Jazmin G How do you remove the handle? Unfortunately, the removal information is not provided.

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Sunday, October 10, The Star-Delta 3-phase Motor Starting Method The Star Delta starting method is a motor starting mechanism that minimizes the large amount of starting current that motors draw in. This method is commonly referred to as “Soft Starting” the motor, For this to work the whole set-up requires 3 contactor i. However for the motor to be started in Star Delta, its internal connection at the terminal box has to be wired in Delta-giving it capability of receiving the full-load current at any instant.

Traditionally, in many regions there was a requirement that all motor connections be fitted with a reduced voltage starter for motors greater than 4KW 5HP.

Y configuration I phase = I line V phase Delta configuration V phase = V line I phase up question: how do Kirchhoff’s Voltage and Current Laws explain the relationships between unequal quantities in “Y” and “Delta” configurations?

The electrical configuration of the source and the load should be same under any circumstances. That is, a Delta load should be connected to only a delta source and a Wye load should only be connected to a wye source. They should not be switched irrespective of the occasion. Delta system Load connected to Wye system Source: Assume a Delta load is connected to Wye source in an electrical distribution system.

According to the nature of a delta system, it will allow one of the opposite conductors for the return path of current. The fundamentals of an electric circuit say that a circuit has to be completed circled in order to deliver power from the source to the load.

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The ‘star’ and the ‘delta’ connection are simply two different ways to drive the motor. In the star connection, the voltage required to properly magnetize the motor is higher, but the current required to run the motor is lower, relative to the delta connection. But either will run the motor just fine if the proper voltage at the proper frequency is supplied. Since the star connection requires higher voltage for normal operation, the motor is effectively being operated at substantially reduced voltage.

This will tremendously reduce the available torque from the motor, and can only be used with mechanical loads that don’t require much starting torque. But this has the great benefit of reducing the starting current of the motor.

Jul 25,  · Delta is connecting the motor windings up in ‘parallel’. Pretty self explanatory. The Series resistance’s are added together in a linear fashion so your resistance will be high, so a lower current will suit the soft starting of the motor.

The open delta three phase service By Paul Thurst, on February 27th, 5 comments Several months ago, I drove up to an FM transmitter site, looked up at the utility pole and saw this: Three Phase open delta transformer bank Three phase open delta is a bad hombre. Most, if not all, transmitter manufactures will void the warranty of any transmitter connected to a service like this. What is perplexing is it appears that all three phases are available on the primary side, why would this be necessary?

Perhaps it was not always so at this location. Regardless, this was the source of power for 20 KW FM transmitters since until we moved it to a new building last month. According to a GE publication on transformers, open delta 3 phase power is undesirable because: Although this connection delivers three-phase currents which are approximately symmetrical to a three-phase symetrical load, the currents flowing in the high voltage circuit are not equal nor are they degrees apart.

The system is grossly unbalanced, both electrostatically and electromagnetically. Schematically, it looks like this: Hook up a high leg to a single phase volt piece of equipment and wait for the power supply to blow up.

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In this type of connection, both the three phase primary and secondary windings are connected in delta as shown in the Fig. The voltages on primary and secondary sides can be shown on the phasor diagram. This connection proves to be economical for large low voltage transformers as it increases number of turns per phase. No phase shift between primary and secondary voltages Advantage of Delta-Delta Connection: Sinusoidal Voltage at Secondary:

Motor Wiring Diagram 12 Lead, Dual Voltage, Wye Start/Delta Run, Both Voltages or 6 Lead, Single Voltage, Wye Start/Delta Run Motors designed by US Motors for Wye Start, Delta Run may also be used for across the line starting using only the Delta connection. Damage will occur if the motor is operated with load for more than 30 seconds on.

This diagram shows the wires that supply power to the VFD, the wires that provide voltage from the VFD to the motor, and all the necessary input and output signals that the VFD needs for operation. The value of this voltage can be , , or volts. The 3-phase voltage is converted to DC voltage in the rectifier section on the VFD where six diodes are connected as a 3-phase full-wave bridge rectifier.

The next components in this circuit are the choke and the capacitors that make up the filter section of the VFD. The capacitors and choke provide a filter that removes all of the sinusoidal ripple and any trace of the original frequency. These transistors are turned on by a pulse-width modulation PWM control circuit that times the conduction of each IGBT so that a PWM wave is produced that looks like a sine-wave output.

The transistors are turned off approximately 12 times for each half cycle. Each time the transistor is turned on, its amplitude will be adjusted so that the overall shape of the waveform looks like a sine wave. The time each transistor is turned on is adjusted as the frequency for the output signal is adjusted.

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The best place on the web for engineering discussions. Six wire- two speed motor 13 Nov 05 Constant Torque 2 Speeds. This connection is 1 circuit Delta. Constant Horsepower 2 Speed. The HP shown on the nameplate are the same for both speeds, connect:

Delta motor hook up States has a delta, if you can use the delta-wye transformers may. From a given transformer connection is a delta and the wye transformer design that i .

Is their anyplace that sells such things for less than list? Anyplace that offers good rebuilt or new motors at a more reasonable price? Hi Kampeh, A Delta product with a 2 yr old motor should not go bad. Modern motors have voltage and heat protectors build in. They can go bad, but it is usual. What happened to your motor? Here is what I have learned about motor and motor repair.

I learned it cause, like you, I wanted a low cost repair. Shops do not repair volt, single phase motors. In rare cases if it is a 5 hp special motor they might, but usually you will find they only work on 3 phase motors due to the labor cost of repair verses replacement cost. So you found a shop to repair it, but it would not be as reliable as a new motor, will it.

So you must have a shorted out motor winding. This is common from overheating. Since it is a Delta motor, with has a overheating protector, you must have overloaded the motor many times until the cumulative effect eventually damaged the motor.

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